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Mentoring programme for new Radiology Consultants

21 January 2014

I'm working with the Royal College of Radiologists from 2014 -15 on a pilot mentoring scheme for new Consultants.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 15.29.17As part of the College’s work to develop and support leadership in clinical radiology and clinical oncology, the RCR are running a pilot mentoring scheme for new consultants. We are looking for committed and enthusiastic people to join a national feasibility programme that aims to support new consultants as they move from training programme to their first consultant post. This pilot programme will run from May 2014 to May 2105. I will be running the training for the mentors and mentees. Potential Mentees: We are inviting applications from people who are new consultants or about to become consultants, (i.e. in the forthcoming nine months). Many of my clients who are making the transition from training programme to Consultant post find this period very challenging and full of unanticipated difficulties. Potential Mentors: We need people with experience and seniority (over five years as a consultant) with an interest in people development. Being involved in this scheme will give you the opportunity to reflect and review your experience and offer insight into the learning gained, as well as developing your own mentoring skills. Full details and submission form can be found on the RCR website HERE  Deadline to submit your details - 28th February 2014.