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Tomorrow's Strategic Leaders - are you one?

03 October 2017

Leadership development comes in many different forms, but it should always be seen as a practical endeavour.

A new programme developed by the Faculty of Leadership & Management (FMLM) team alongside the Royal College of Surgeons promises to be really interesting and crucially, focused on putting learning into action. It is designed for new consultants (within five years of appointment) and exceptional senior trainees who hold the ambition to undertake significant leadership roles alongside their clinical practice. You need to get your MD and CEO to support your application and you need to think about what leadership challenge you are or will soon be working on - so you can apply the programme learning back in your day job. Application Deadline: 16 October 2017 First session: 21 November 2017
Medical leadership must move from an ‘amateur sport’ to a professional discipline.”Professor Peter Lees
Successful completion of the programme could lead to gaining Associate Fellowship of FMLM.

Click HERE to read all about the programme and apply.